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    Chicago’s 6300 Jinx Self Talk Current State of Drill Music and More

    Chicago’s drill king 6300 Jinx Self is taking over with boastful rhymes and insane visuals. He started off the year with his hit “2 Super F***s” that came with a video as jaw-dropping as the track. He is currently signed to Universal and PA Entertainment and has been making tremendous strides with his craft. The emerging star is no stranger to the dog-eat-dog world that is Chicago. After some time away music became the priority and his pain was turned into lyrics. As he continues to leave a mark on his hometown and beyond… dishing out must-watch videos and heavy hitting tracks.

    I had the chance to catch up with 6300 Jinx Self to talk about the current state of drill music, his childhood, and more!

    What was it like for you growing in Chicago for you?

    I think it was like the normal… The average Chicago struggle story. From a young black man from Chicago. Pops wasn’t around. All we had was Moms. Moms was strung out. Streets raised us, you know what I’m saying? And you living with the consequences to this day, so it was pretty rough growing up out here. Seeing my first murder when I was like 7, seeing somebody get killed, you know what I’m saying? So, that like… You know? Stuff like that.

    So, what is your opinion right now, about DJs not playing diss records anymore?

    I kinda don’t blame them. By me being like a well known drill rapper in my city, it kinda affects what I got going on, but as a grown man, outside of music, I understand. Like, people get shot and killed everyday for riding up the wrong, playing their own music, so nobody wants to promote that, but it kind of does affect us that’s really living that life, or came from that background or era of living so, I feel it…

    Chicago drill artist 6300 Jinx Self

    Don’t take it the wrong way, but what do diss records do for y’all? Do you know what I’m saying?

    No, I fully understand. Honestly? I don’t know, it actually does a lot for me. It’s kind of like. weird because you wanna do this on a diss, you know what I’m saying? So, you really wanna actually… But this reality, not just the wild, wild, west, you know what I’m saying? In reality you just can’t… You’re not gonna get away with… So, this is just like, especially if like the person, that you dissing is on the other side of the world, or you know what I’m saying? Or another level of success, all this… This the only way I can get to you then… So, it’s sort of like, verbal retaliation. Almost like, “Okay, this my get back. If you shout at me, I’ll shout at you back”, type of thing. You know what I’m saying?


     I know sometimes it could lead to shooting and that’s unfortunate and a different conversation, but if you’re doing diss records that instead of the other thing, then I feel I could see where artists would be hurt by people not playing their records, because y’all really helping each other.

    And people don’t know or understand that… Drill music is how we express our pain. Just because I’m not on microphone like, Fendi, Prada, Hoes, this or that. That’s not the reality, I live. So, I can’t really get into that.

    You know what I’m saying? So it does. I respect their decision. But I don’t respect that they don’t come to an understanding on why we make drill music. And I feel the reason that they don’t wanna promote it, is kinda stupid, but I understand. Their life. [chuckle]

    Talk to me about some of the people that you’re influenced by and that you came up listening to.

    DMX, Tupac, Lil Wayne You know what I’m saying? Oh shit MC Eight, you know what I’m saying? I’m not that old but I really rap, you know what I’m saying? And so like, I come from that type of era. Let me see who else… Stuff like that. We went through our Bow Wow, Romeo stages and shit like that, everybody did around that time.

    Mainly, big dog DMX. That’s where the big dog reference come from. That’s where the growls come from. That’s where, the bulliness come from. But… I feel like, my style is like, those four in one big ball, you know what I mean? So, that’s what pulls me the most.

    How do you feel like Chicago influenced the rap game sound and style wise?

    Chicago influenced all every piece of America right now. And that’s another reason like we not to get off subject. I feel like any… Even though they got different accents, drill this drill that, we all the creators and drill and you know they did with the chief Keith and all that. ‘Cause he is the king of drill. He did open up the doors for the world to introduce the world to drill. But we’ve been doing that way before Keith even blew up. This is like a culture. This is like, literally like some… The drill is like the Zo nation of Chicago. Like having zones down Miami. We got drill. It’s a culture thing. So we influence them a lot. And I feel like the world don’t give us our respect. I feel like the world don’t open enough doors for as Chicago artists. I feel like a lot of industry rappers use Chicago artists. I’ve been used by industry rappers before. So I know. You hearing what I’m saying. So it’s like… Yeah, I feel like they don’t give us our flowers though.

    Talk to me about PA Ent and working with Yaya.

    PA Entertainment, Yaya is the CEO over there. I actually started my own record label, she gave me the platform. I LLC my own record label opened up multiple offices downtown. We did… I’m taking off… She’s a solid manager, I had to fire a lot of colleagues of mine, like the saying, you can’t do business with family or close friends, is really true. Because I met… Izzy’s got facts, you know what I mean facts on bars. Yeah, so this lady came into my life, she showed me something to like a little window of time that people haven’t shown me my whole life. So, shoutout to her.

    What’s next for you? What you got coming for everybody?

    I just shot another video… I shoot a video every other week. I just shot another…Me and Bentley Cock just shot another video. I got an EP driver and I got a 6 day shot interview coming out and I have a radio interview coming out. My next video will be on BET on demand. I’m getting off house arrest on the 1st, so I can be able to fulfill all my shows and travel, you know what I’m saying? I got a lot of shit coming up.

    Check out 6300 Jinx Self new video “Moral of the Story”!

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