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[Youngkio] The Dutch beat producer that made “Old town Road”

Kiowa Roukema (born 3 December 1999), professionally known as YoungKio, is a Dutch beat producer. He is known for producing "Old Town Road", by...

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    Gucci Mane and Jeezy exchange hits and an olive branch for Verzuz battle

    Verzuz has shut down social media delivering battles featuring some of Hip-Hop’s most notable legends. Throughout the Pandemic Verzuz has set the stage for the ultimate throwback jam sessions with battles like Glady Knight vs Patti Labelle, RZA vs. DJ Premier, and Snoop Dogg vs. DMX. Verzuz made its appearance on social media back in April with Swizz Beats vs. Timbaland…and since then, has become the prime source of Hip-Hop entertainment.

    Verzuz has been shaking the culture of Hip-Hop for months, and has now set off a bomb by bringing together Gucci Mane and Jeezy. The two have individually sealed a spot as legends in the industry, but also had a long-sealed beef spanning 15 years… until now. Real fans know the details, but for those who don’t know, what you need to know is that back in 2005 the beef turned unfortunate and about more than just a battle of diss tracks. One of the longest standing beefs in the history of Hip-Hop began over the track “So Icy.” What was wanted by Jeezy for his album “Thug Motivation 101,” ended up becoming a Billboard charting track on Gucci Mane’s album “Trap House.” Understand from there… the two sparred diss track for diss track until the beef was taken to the streets.


    After a break-in to Gucci Mane’s home, the situation took a turn for the worse and ended with the murder of Jeezy’s friend and artist Pookie Loc. Now that you have the back story, it should be easy to see why this Verzuz battle was an extreme catalyst for change not only within the Hip-Hop industry but amongst the entire culture.

    The battle kicked off at 8 pm eastern at the notorious Atlanta Strip Club Magic City and aired across Instagram Live, Apple Music, and Apple TV.  With over 1.7 million people tuned in on Instagram Live alone, the battle was viewed across platforms by over 9 million people and made 7 billion impressions across social media! The tension was definitely present in the room for the battle the two legends and their DJ’s threw shots, and Gucci Mane received some shaky feedback on his minor antics on social media before and during the battle. However, the two went hit-for-hit as the world watched. Fans and celebrities lit up the comments on IG Live for some of their most notable tracks including Gucci’s “Lemonade,” and “I Think I Love Her,” and Jeezy’s “Get Ya Mind Right,” and “Soul Survivor.” Gucci Mane and Jeezy have been key figures across the south and Hip-Hop for almost two decades with a beef that has lasted almost as long.


    The tension remained thick the entire battle; however, the two managed to finally end the issue, and it was VerzuzTV that brought them together to do so. Many could not believe such a battle would ever occur until the two finally took place on their gold thrones in Magic City. Gucci Mane and Jeezy, while born in the southern states of Alabama and South Carolina, grew up in Atlanta and have become symbols The pair have inspired fans with some of the most groundbreaking hits in music, and with peace now on the table, the extended olive branch is now a catalyst for the culture.

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