Thursday, June 8, 2023

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    Metaverse Company Astral Kingdom Readies NFTs Rewarding Spiritual Progression Using VAROS Technologies

    The Astral Kingdom has confirmed a partnership with software development company, VAROS (Virtual and Augmented Reality Operating Systems) Technologies, Inc., just days before their first NFT collection release.

    “Our goal is to create the infrastructure for spirituality to flourish in the metaverse and VAROS Technologies helps us see that vision as a reality”

    – Andrew Bouras : Astral Kingdom Co-Founder

    This partnership announcement excites the spiritual community and metaverse supporters as the group nears their upcoming launch on the 19th of January.

    While other companies develop DeFi protocols or crypto games, the Astral Kingdom is committed to bringing astrology, and more general, spirituality, to the metaverse. Writing in their whitepaper…

    “as hyper-realistic, customizable sensory experiences become part of our daily lives, one’s spiritual connection will have to compete for their attention”

    The Astral Kingdom is clear about using spirituality to steer away from a dystopian future. Initially focusing on astrology, the team plans to create NFT collections with artistic awe and spiritual nuance that appeals to all religions, sects, and spiritual groups.

    Having now grown to over twenty-five employees, the Astral Kingdom and VAROS Technology’s software engineers, data scientists, creative technologists, and spiritual souls are all converging towards the creation of technology that benefits it’s community member’s physical, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual selves.

    “We wish to incentivize users to maintain a spiritual connection within the metaverse. and we will need all the help we can get” 

    -Alex Hernandez-Pryszlak : Astral Kingdom Co-Founder

    Leading a first-of-its-kind smart contracts affiliate marketing campaign, the Astral Kingdom has grown it’s network into the domains of athletics, music, modeling, and more. With each guest on their podcast, the Astral Kingdom has demonstrated their desire to create a prosperous community for creators and fans. “The Astral Kingdom’s forward thinking approach incentivizes creators and their followers to become a part of the community,” proclaimed the Astral Kingdom’s Head of Marketing, Ilias Anwar, “thus welcoming creators from all walks of life.” 

    As the Astral Kingdom grows their creator network… VAROS Technologies works on the development of their self-proclaimed “4D avatars.” Head of software development at VAROS Technologies Michael Joseph describes this concept as:

    “metaverse characters that evolve with experience over time and that this will serve as the foundation for the gamification of the user’s spiritual progression”

    While the Astral Kingdom’s long-term vision is bringing spirituality to the Metaverse, they hint at the possibility of forming a decentralized autonomous organization to get there. “We love the idea of democratic governance determining direction,” said Andrew Bouras, “but first, we are focusing wholeheartedly on the Capricorn collection release.”

    At 11:11 EST (4:11 PM UTC) on January 19th, 2021, the Astral Kingdom will release their first astrology-based NFT collection, Capricorn, for presale purchase. Whitelist details are found at their website, the Discord community may be joined at and public announcements will be made on their Twitter: Astral_Kingdom. 

    The Astral Kingdom is an NFT back metaverse development company empowering the spiritual community with the Solana and Ethereum blockchains. The Capricorn release includes 1,111 uniquely designed astrology-based NFTs to serve as membership passes into their Discord’s continuously developing spiritual community. Backed by experienced Virtual & Augmented Reality Operating Systems (VAROS) Technologies, Inc., the partnership will convert the 2D collections into airdropped 3D models, working towards 4D characters that represent the user’s spiritual progression over time.

    Learn more about the Astral Kingdom, and follow them on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.


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