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    Cashhhh is on her way to being one of the hottest females from New Orleans!

    New Orleans has turned out a number of boundary-pushing rappers who have influenced a number of different styles in the industry. Cashhhh is following in that path, creating her own lane and she is not coming to play. Men have dominated the success from rap out of New Orleans but between Cashhhh’s signing and rapping, she is making her way to becoming one of the hottest female rappers from NOLA. I had the chance to catch up with Cashhhh to talk to her about her journey thus far.

    When did you start your journey with music and how have you evolved as an artist since then?

    I started my journey on like summer 2017. Since then, I can say that my fan base has grown and with the help of my team: Ben, and TJ, and others, I feel like that’s what’s helping me grow and get better. I can honestly say, I started off rapping, I started off just playing around. But then, I found it was an outlet for me. I started to perfect it more and it changed me as a person and motivated me to being a better parent and a better person. So, it changed my music and the way that I look at it now. Now I’m doing it for a reason. Before I was just doing it just to play around with, just because I had the buzz and people was listening, but it’s like now, it’s deeper than just, Rap. I mean… Now it’s like I’m trying to pay for school and make it, give my baby a different life than I had.

    How has the culture of New Orleans music influenced the artist that you are now?

    I can honestly say that New Orleans culture is forcing me to be different as far as my own sound, because our culture is based off bounce music, and I never was, like, I wouldn’t say like a fan of it, of course, if I’m out in the club, getting on a plane, I’m a listen to it and I dance to it, but on my own time, it was never something that I just tried to listen to. Our city is a whole lot of that, and I never was into that. So it always encouraged me to do and make different music for my culture. So it really helped me create and find my own sound.

    As a female artist coming up in the industry, what are some of the challenges that you have faced so far?

    Basically, being put against other females, I wouldn’t say compared, because everybody or most people are different. But it’s like people always try to put us up against each other to make us compete with each other. That’s one thing that’s challenging for me because I don’t want like, I be in my own lane, so I don’t really look at someone as competition, it’s not a competition for me. If it is it’s like I’m competing against my own self. But in the industry, you always being put against people like, for instance, the other day, me and my friend did a song together and they tried to make us compete, like try to put us against each other to see who was better on the song. I don’t like that. I feel like that’s just, no matter how far you get, or how big you get, or how little, that’s just one of the biggest problems that we have.

    What artists currently inspire you, and who is your goal to work with?

    I really like two male artists. Lil Baby and DaBaby, I really like them, and they inspire me because when they came out poppin’ they started off just like me, local and then slowly branching off and people catching on to them. So they’re really two of the people that I really paid attention to in the game, and they really inspired me to keep going, ’cause I know, if that happened for them, it could happen for me and I really like their music. So they really two artists that, when I get bigger, I would like to work with.

    What is the story behind your single, What’s Love?

    My music is all based off true feelings and emotions that I experienced or went through, and that’s all… I think music is my outlet, so when I was going through, you know, my ups and my downs with my guy, it was just a song that I made, going through our problems. You know, it’s just helping me get over it, so that’s basically the story behind it.

    Cashhhh has been hard at work applying all the pressure she can to make it to the top. She has recently released a new track, “Let It Burn,” and it has been going up since its release, hitting 13K streams in just 24 hours. The track features the best of both worlds with singing and rapping and Cashhhh killed the music video.


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