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    Biggz talks producing for EarthGang, deal with Sony/ATV and more!

    Maryland born engineer and producer Biggz, has been the creative brains behind some of the hottest tracks on streaming platforms. From EarthGang to Lil’Boosie and more, Biggz discography continues to grow with collaborations from some of the biggest artists in the industry. He jumped into the game at an early age determined to build a household name. 2020 was a solidifying year for Biggz as he inked a deal with BeatStars and Sony/ATV. From The Street Team, to DNA Recording Studio where he operates his label “Prime Records…” we go into it all in a sit-down with Biggz.

    How’d you end up in Virginia? You came to Virginia when you were young?

    Yeah, I came to Virginia when I was 14…My mom… Just to keep me out of trouble and stuff like that. Maryland is real… I’m from Baltimore, Maryland, and then I moved down here to Virginia Beach when I was about 13, 14, and got into the band. And it’s crazy because I moved right across the street from Bridle Creek, and that’s where Pusha T, and Pharrell, everybody… That’s like their prime time, when they were around that… When I was around that age. So it was dope just to be in the midst of them.

    Was that inspiring for you?

    Yes. That’s what made me just make the decision that I can do it, just by seeing everybody else doing it around me, and being in that environment.

    I saw you started The Street Team. You started that like mad young. How old were you?

    Probably about 15, that was like a year after that. My boy… Me and my boy, Wax, was just talking about that last night. that was my boy, that’s my boy, T Butts. He passed, but it was him. He was… Me and him… I was the producer, he was the rapper, and my boy, Jay, Gerard, and then Keith, they were like our mentors. And then I ended up moving to Norfolk, and that’s when every… That’s when I started The Street Team, with my boy Wax, Dallis and Don. And Butts came with us too, my boy, Anthony Butts. But yeah.

    Your team got the attention of Hood Platinum Records and stuff. Y’all were really doing things.

    Right, right. That was like the hometown heroes for us, because we were like, “Yo, that’s where we want to be next.” It was… That was inspirational.

    How old were you when you ended up getting their attention? How long after?

    Probably… It was 16, 17, ’cause we started sneaking in the club. We were sneaking into the club…The open mic events, and then we just eventually just was in there having fun. We were the young kids on the block. So it was fun.

    You studied under some big people too, Double XL and CEO P. So how did you get… End up getting mentored by them? And what were some of the biggest things that you learned from them?

    Alright, so from Hood Platinum, those were the CEOs of Hood Platinum, and then Ms. Blends was like my mom. So as far as when it comes to music, they taught me how to grind, how to hustle, what the music scene was like, what it was lacking, what it wasn’t, how to put people in position, and how to help people take it to the next level that’s around you. They was teaching me all of this stuff at like 16, 17.

    So they really taught you how to move.

    Yeah. And so at 18, that’s when I started my label with my boy, Hemron, and my boy, Intense, and a couple other of our buddies. We started Major Movement.

    That was Major Movement?

    Right, we came together, and we had like…Man, that was different. It was like 50 artists under us at that time. And I’m 18. So like from 18 to 22, I had this record label. And it got to a point, my mom was helping me manage the artists, and cutting their hair, and we had the whole studio going. It was crazy. And that’s what made me see that anything was possible here. From 18, I just was like, “Alright, it’s go time.”

    So you ended up dissolving that though. What… If you don’t mind sharing, what led to that decision and what ultimately did you learn from that specifically?

    Well, they just dropped me. Because I ended up letting go of my label, because it was a lot of stress on me and I needed some guidance and help. But they dropped me and didn’t say anything. So one of their producers had pulled up to my studio and we had… He was doing a session with somebody or he came to kick it or something, and he was like, “Yeah, you ain’t heard? You got dropped.” And I was like, “Oh, snap!” It just tore my heart up for real, but it made me stronger, it made me go harder, and that’s what gave me the courage to keep going. I was like, “Oh, nah, we… It’s go time even more now.” It wasn’t no love lost on my end though, it was always love.

    Black Vinyl Recordings, what was the original goal for that and who were some of the people that you had an opportunity to work with there?

    Oh, from there, Black Vinyl Recordings, that’s when I was like in full-fledged, just engineer mode. I just was like, “I’m not doing the label thing.” I was just going through a lot. So there, I started meeting EarthGang, that’s where I first discovered them. And it was my boy, J-Slim, he brought them to me, and they all did this collab session. And this was at my first studio. I was like, “They gonna be lit.” And this was like probably ’15… Oh, nah, probably like 2011 or ’12.

    This was a minute ago. So with them, I got a chance to work with Gucci Mane, around that time. I got a chance to work with… Not work with Rick Ross, it was just a track, but I had got a credit off of that. We had Freeway, he came to the studio. Yeah, it was just my, Grand Hustle, some of the artists was coming there and this one, he had Pimp Squad Clique  but it was just, it was a lot man. I was all the way in my grind… God was just blessing me. I was just all the way into my grind. God was just blessing me, my journey is speaking for itself.

    I did see on, on your BeatStars when you got the deal, that your favorite placement was Lil’ Boosie, why?

    His energy was just… It was so honest, it was like having a child in there and for him to be so seasoned for him to still had that energy, it was inspiring because around that time I was just like lost, it was like refreshing to see him come in to my environment and bring that energy. I’m like, if he could do it, I could do it too. And that’s why I always give him credit for that for me.

    What is one of the biggest changes that you’ve noticed about yourself over the years?

    To embrace… And I don’t mean to say this in no braggadocious way, but to embrace me being a GOAT, that shit is hard. It’s hard to embrace because you don’t want to get cocky or… But I do have a story to tell and I love to show people my story and help them advance this, so that’s what GOAT to me is like. I’m still in the field with you, but I’m willing to teach you with the mistakes that I did, so you don’t have to make them too, you know what I mean? It’s just embracing that and just understanding that some people look at me in a certain light, so I have to move a little different.

    Talk to me then about DNA Studios. When did that come into play?

     That was my partner, Mr. Dan, he’s my mentor. And he just believed in me, so I was getting kicked out of my studio, downtown Norfolk, because somebody was smoking weed and all that, so… You know how that go. So I was just stressed. I got two kids on the way, it was just a lot on me, and then once I got kicked out, he had a studio…So once we did that, he was like, “Here, build your platform here and make this your base.” So I did that. I partnered up with my partner Haze, and we started Prime Records within DNA Studio and from there, we just took it to a whole another level.

    What is really your goal right now for Prime Records?

    Well, Prime Records right now, what we’re doing in Virginia is breaking the doors down and getting the artists, showing artists how to fish for themselves, if I was to put it in the most perfect way. We teaching them how to have an industry in this area, so that way they can carry it a certain way and then teach others, so we can build the area around here and have our own industry and not have to rely on anybody else to build that up for us. And that’s my passion and it’s showing the industry that we have something to bring to the table too, we don’t just want to snatch from the table, and not bring that into it. We got something to bring too.

    So what was the inspiration for the This is Biggz Show?

    Really the same ambition I have for the city. Just giving game and knowledge and showing people, showing the underdogs that are really putting in the work, some love. You know what I mean? Helping people, educating people on money, music, and business, just the ins and out of it all and sharing experiences with my colleagues and peers, also through that platform. So that way… because like I said, understanding that I’m at a certain level, have to be able to give back in the best way that’s comfortable for you, you know what I mean? When I’ve seen the opportunity and we have a studio, we have the resources to do it. I was like, we just might as well just do it ourselves, so I just figured it out. I’m not no podcaster or nothing I just figured it out and now I enjoy it. So it was something that I have fun with too.

    So this year has been BeatStars, and Sony ATV, How did that happen?

    That was different. They sent me an email, just saying, we’ve seen your credits, this, that and the third. So I thought they were just like somebody trying to sell me something for this, so I was like going back or forth. And then I hit my homie DJ Pain up, that’s one of our producer homies. I got a little consultation with him and talk to him about it, and I was like, “Should I do that?” He was like, “Yeah, they hit me up too. They want me to do some stuff, this, that and the third. And I didn’t know if it was that… ” I was like, “Bro, yeah let’s do it, bro. Let’s do it.” I didn’t know what to do, but I just went out and just was like, alright, let me figure it out, let’s see what we can do it and if it’s official, and then I’ll bring everybody else along with me. And that’s what’s going on now.

    What is one thing that you can share with people who are on the grind trying to get to where you’ve made it to?

    Don’t give up and stay consistent, stay focused, stay focused on whatever plan you build and just stick to the script. Don’t divy away from the plan. Stay consistent and it’s going to pay off. Consistency breeds success. So if you rob banks really good, then that’s what you’re going to be really good at, you feel me, if you keep doing it. So like anything you do, you keep smoking, you eventually going to know how to roll a blunt really, really good. So it’s like, don’t create habits that’s bad for you, create good habits and do ’em consistently.

    For more on Biggz or his show check out his website


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