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    DJ Fourteen talks Rod Wave tour and Palm Beach Mixtape

    Florida has become a hub for turning out artists with insanely dope music. DJ Fourteen is not only one of Palm Beach’s hottest DJ’s, but he’s bringing artists from across the area together. He hit the club scene at an early age and started throwing parties that would eventually land a spotlight on WPTV 5. But Fourteen is not just a DJ. He is a producer as well, which he started only a few years ago. As a vibe creator, he has set the tone for countless parties and celebrity performances, including Rod Wave’s Ghetto Gospel Tour. I had the opportunity of catching up with DJFourtneen to talk with him about his career as a DJ and his recently released Palm Beach Mixtape.

    You started DJ’ing first, so how did that start out?

    My mom has a club, and she doesn’t really hand money like that. So if I want to get my own money, I have to throw my own party, I started throwing my own parties, then after the party, I have to break DJ off like 300 and I ain’t like that, so I was like I’m going to become my own DJ, so I started DJ-ing at my own parties.

    Your parties are huge, I saw one of them made the news

    Yeah. It made the news. It was at a Airbnb, it says on the news article about a thousand people that was there… The first hour, a thousand people, like 200 cars in the neighborhood. So a lot of people.
    After that that’s when I started going on tour. I started getting booked right after that, literally.

    What was your first big name show?

    My first big one, it was with a friend of my mine, his name Soldier Kid, he’s a rapper. It was in Texas, It was South by South West. It was a big event…  Future was there and everything, and he had an open mic show, and I just rocked out for a quick 30 minutes…

    How did you get on with Rod Wave then and the Ghetto Gospel Tour?

    Rod Wave, The person that was a part of that tour that was setting it up, they needed an extra DJ and how my name got brought up, his daughter, I went to school with his daughter, and she brought my name up, so it just gave me a shot.

    Talk to me about how you got into producing then, if that came after Dj’ing

     Producing, it was about two years ago, because I had a friend, his name is Soldier kid, he blew up off the biggest clout move when X died… I don’t know if you remember, but X had died. Everybody thought it was him. So since then he was like make me beats, bro just keep going up and I started to making beats since then. So the X situation happened. I was like, “I’m going to make some beats for you.” And that’s how I started.

     In what ways we’re you effected by the pandemic if any and has anything changed for you going back into shows?

    For me, I was doing tours. So they said ain’t no tours till to 2021 in March, so I can’t be doing… I’m still DJ-ing at clubs, but tours is like… The big pay days.

    I really wanted to know how that was for you since you were still on tour in the beginning of the pandemic.

    . Stuff like that they just run in the pockets, like the tour, they pay 200-300 a day and you do it 30 days straight. So it’s like, that’s the big money plays right there, but I’m still fine, I’m DJ-ing at local clubs, stuff like that.

    Do you have any favorite shows that you’ve done?

    My favorite one was in South Carolina with Rod Wave, that was the best, I’d never seen nothing… The atmosphere was too crazy, and that was at my first big show, that was my first time I actually getting a groove, I did great.

    Do you prefer being on tour and the concert vibe or the parties and clubs

    I prefer the concert vibe, it’s different people pay more money and they bring a whole different attitude. Because they pay 80 bucks to get in. So they’re going be already…They’re already lit without playing no music.

     So talk to me about the Palm beach mix tape, how did that come together?

    This is the first mix tape we ever had. I come from both sides of the city, I’m from the north side, I’m from the south side, a lot of people can’t put two different guys on one tape without being problems, but with me I know these guys personally. By me making moves, they’re going to respect the movement, so I just got literally everybody on the mix tape, not one person missing.

    As an executive producer DJ Fourteen released the Palm Beach Mixtape… A culmination of the hottest artists across Palm Beach with over 30 hits to take a vibe from 0 to 100.

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