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[Alex Boateng] My Manifesto: Island Records’ king of the U.K

Alex Boateng has been part of the Island Records family for pretty much 10 years – but the unconventional nature of his joining means...
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    Brooklyn’s Dynamic Duo I$O Indies


    Brooklyn lyrical powerhouse I$O Indies is a testament to the true gems that lie within the underground. Conchez Yout and DillMatic have been at the game for ten years and developed a pen game that can be appreciated. With tracks like “Time Heals” and “Bikini Bottom” they continue to pay homage to the underground but simultaneously create tracks completely worthy of mainstream play. This rap duo has been hot for a while, garnering over half a million streams last year on Spotify alone. They just released a fire two-piece set of word-play “Yin & Yang” and “Duece,” so I just had to catch I$O to talk about their journey and recent music.

    Being from New York, has the underground culture influenced your styles as artists and what do you want to add to the culture with your music?

    The underground influenced our versatile styles as a duo heavily some of the artists we considered as legends started from the underground & they paved the way for artists like us to follow pursuit so what we want to bring back to the culture is authenticity & being true to ourselves…

    The versatility you all have between underground and mainstream music is amazing, how were you all able to learn the pattern of your listeners to determine what to release when? 

    We like to cater to both styles of rap. So one way we notice how to drop music was the change of the seasons we know that when summertime comes around people like to be turnt up riding around blasting music. We drop hits & when the sweater weather comes around, people like that feel-good mood music so we will drop a tape full of smooth boom-bap Lofi vibes but other than that it’s just based on the vibes we cook up. We just rather keep it consistent with the music.

    Your music is true to the underground; how did you all develop your individual style and turn those styles into a cohesively dope duo?

    Years of practice. We’ve been rapping for 10 years together as a duo we started in high school in 10th Grade in the back of our English class that solidified our foundation as best friends. Conchez started Making music in church with a few of his friends 09’ and Dill started by freestyling to beats from the lunchroom days at school. We brought our worlds together & stuck to our guns & sharpened iron with iron. Every year we would drop a project & think it was the one that would blow us up but as we got older, we valued our morals & independence as an artist which made us who we are today. 

    What was the first track you released together and what sparked the birth of your duo?

    So in High School We used to call Ourselves Swagg & Splash before we became Isoindies in 2014 we started out rapping over instrumentals back in the mixtape era we would go on & download the most current beats that were hot back then & rap over so in our senior year of high school we were working on a mixtape called “A Journey to a Legacy” we dropped that & One of the best songs that people considered was a track called “Sex & Weed”. Talking about our most Earliest Sex Experiences & how great of a combination Sex & weed was which was a different level of HIGH lol females in high school went nuts over that record so we would say that’s the first memorable track we ever wrote. 

    How have you been affected by the pandemic and what are some of the things you’re doing to make up for the current inability to interact with your fans live?

    The pandemic affected us in a way to just remember you never know how life can go and how things can pan out. Always prepare yourself in some way for what’s to come. As for our fans, we have music in the vault to keep dropping for them and we started using IG live to make up for not being live at the shows but we’ll be back soon enough trust. 

    You all have been busy with the release of your most recent single “Sounds Good,” but what is next for I$O?

    Sounds good is doing really great and we’re proud of how it’s been received. Shoutout to Clix for using the song in his montage video for recently joining NRG for Fortnite gaming. What’s next for us is our project “Speak it into the Universe” with producer Bicks Boogie our homie from LA, dropping soon. We have new merch in the works and we’ll be organizing a tour for Next year God willing we can travel again as normal. We plan on staying consistent and keep improving ourselves as artists and a duo sharpening our pen. 

    Their crazy versatility and cohesiveness are a true representation of their relationship developed over a decade of growing and challenging each other. The dynamic duo’s ability to push the boundary has been displayed through their lyricism and creativity. I$O Indies are more than worth a listen, with countless tracks that will deliver a whole new vibe to your ears.

    Personal Favorites to check out! : “Church” “Tropicana” and “Safehouse”


    Hip-Hop’s only guy-girl duo Peezy and Lala


    What is the one thing the Hip-Hop industry is missing? How about a guy-girl duo? Well, Prince Peezy and Lala Chanel have been hard at working bringing their fans, both old and new, the best of both worlds. They always say two is better than one, and this guy-girl duo  has been busy letting the world know exactly who they are. They just released a new tape titled “All In,” and with some fire beats and cohesive lyricism from both artists, it sounds like they put their all into the project. 21 tracks of hype energy, with something for every mood. Peezy and Lala seamlessly meshed together two independently dope styles to produce a very dope project that is definitely worth the listen. From Broward County Florida, Prince Peezy and Lala Chanel met working through the same independent label, Frontline Soulja Entertainment, now I had the opportunity of catching up with these two so you’ll have to read the interview to find out to find out how this duo was meant to be, but they are definitely bringing to the game a whole new type of hustle!

    How did each of your separate journeys with music begin?

    Prince Peezy: Separately, I didn’t know where to start. I grew up around a lot diverse music like hip-hop, oldie Goldie and pop . My brothers and cousins used to rap on one of those dual cassette tape recorder so that influenced me to start doing music, plus my family is filled with writers/poets  . When I met Lala , i was just starting to take thing more seriously and she was part of Frontlines Entertainment, a independent label which had a slew of different artists ran by her cousin. Not to long after, we started collaborating on a few projects and started traveling .

    Lala Chanel: My family in general, come from a music background. Starting way back from the church days. But for the most part, it was like peezy said, Frontlines Entertainment, it was actually created by one of my cousins that I consider like a brother, and he just put a whole bunch of artists with different talents under one umbrella. He allowed us to come into the studio to create the first mix tapes, to figure out our sound and what it is that we wanna do. And from there, that’s what really gave me the confidence to be like, “Okay, well this is what I wanna do… So let me go out and do it.”

    What was it like having to merge your separate styles together, and what were some of the things you did to make it happen?


    Prince Peezy: When we first got started, it was more of a pop commercial sound with a little bit of hiphop like our first single “Girl You Got Me Waiting” but now its a mixture of commercial trap music and a little bit R&Bish like our most recent Mixtape “All In” .

    Lala Chanel: It was actually a feature. And then people kept asking what the group name was, and it was never a group. We were always two solo artists that had just collaborated on a record. But that one song, we ended up winning internet’s best talent and a few other things that came along just from that one song, so we were kind of formed into a group based on our chemistry and style.

    How have you all evolved since the release of your first track together?

    Prince Peezy: I can definitely say we perfected our craft a lot more. Pushed the envelope, as far as not sounding the same like everybody else. We wanted to be different, to stand apart from that box that they constantly try to put either a rapper in or a singer in. Lala sings and raps. I rap and harmonize. I’m no usher , But I can hold a tune so we kinda mixed that flavor and style up throughout all our music. Every song is not the same. You won’t get the same flows, you won’t get the same style on each record, and that’s what i think make us different.

    Lala Chanel: Yeah I definitely agree with that. I feel like we focus more on what we’re saying based on how we feel as far as maybe when we first started, it was just putting things together to make a record or talk about a topic. I think now everything that we kind of rap and write about or sing about… It’s about our day-to-day experiences, how we feeling. We kind of learned how to put our everyday life into a song instead of just create the song out of thin air.

    I read in an interview one of your challenges is that no one is really looking for a guy-girl duo, what do you all do to overcome this challenge?

    Prince Peezy: Keep putting that foot on they necks. Just try to be as visible as possible with exposure, getting out to do more shows and building relationships with the right people. .

    Lala Chanel: Yeah, just pretty much staying consistent . Letting them know, You don’t have to ask, “What’s next?” We’re not gonna be one of those artists as a group, a female and male duo that put out one dope track and then that’s the only thing you hear. We’re gonna make sure you get track after track after track after track. Until your like, “Oh okay. I get it now.” Like hit you upside the head so much until you finally get it.

    This fiery Hip-Hop duo is not just making a name for themselves in the US, they just had their track “Laced” placed into the South Korean music market, and have been nothing short of busy gaining all the exposure they can. These two recently shot a music video for their new single “Going In,” landed a distribution deal with Empire Records through Dreamsquad Records and seem to never stop working so fans can definitely expect more from them in the near future!

    The Independent Artist Showcase is Going down “Aug. 27 2020” Online – SignUp


    The Independent Artist Showcase gives artist the opportunity to perform in front of a live audience which includes industry A&Rs from some of the best labels in NYC. Now with the current pandemic of Covid19, we have moved the showcase online and expanded the showcase worldwide. Artist still win cash prizes and get a chance to meet with real industry executives.


    Live Online Competition / Show starts at 6PM[PST] : 9PM[EST] / This showcase will be Judged by “Rap” of Republic Records, “Success Ready” of Atlantic Records, and “D the Weatherman” of RocNation.

    Best 3 Artist Wins: (1ST. Place) – $500 Cash & Meeting a Major Label / (2ND. Place) – $300 Cash & Meeting a Major Label / (3RD. Place) – $200 Cash & Meeting a Major Label / ALL ARTIST WINS A PROMOTIONAL PACKAGE AND MUSIC SUBMITTED TO UMG.


    The total Registration is $150 [Groups $200]

    You leave a $50 deposit to hold your slot, and You pay the remaining balance (on/by) Aug. 27, 2020 the day of the showcase.

    After you make your deposit send a photo to for your custom Flyer.



    Click or drag a file to this area to upload.


    Terms & Conditions

    Chicago’s All Freestyle Artist Bigga$tate


    Dark skinned Drake. Chicago’s Kendrick Lamar. Either way the Chicago lyricist who is an all freestyle artist, recording everything in one take, is a gem to the industry on his own. Bigga$tate has been hard at work staking his claim at a piece of the top. “Bigga$tate” the artist has only been in the game for a few years now but his moves are as fresh as his freestyles. After the 2019 release of his track “Lil Baby,” he immediately gained the attention of news outlets including ABC, who dubbed him Chicago’s Kendrick Lamar. The artist pitched himself to Fortnite and became the game’s first freestyle artist. 

    As a curated artist for the 2019 World Scout Expo, he headlined two performances as well as auditioned in front of numerous label executives. The World Scout Expo, powered by Rap Plug is not only a viable education and networking opportunity, but an opportunity for artists to audition in front of respected labels such as Epic, and Capitol Records. It was this event where Bigga$tate opened two performances and was asked for a third, in front of executives ranging from Mike Zombie and Steve Lobel to Jay E. Internationally he has sold out shows in Mexico not once, but twice. Bigga$tate has sold out more than 300 shows including selling out SXSW twice where he shared the stage with DaBaby.  He has captured the attention of a number of big-name artists securing a number of opportunities to include  sharing the stage with Kash Doll, Afroman and Lexy Panterra. Bigga$tate also appeared on Cameo and scored higher ratings than Tyga, Desiigner and many other artists.

    Bigga$tate’s list of sponsors is lengthy and includes Pain Killers, and T.I.’s Akoo Clothing. The lyrical powerhouse is the first artist ever to be sponsored by a million-dollar dating app., was a sponsorship that sparked from a performance at Theresa Romer’s annual influencer event, which opened a door to some of the many “firsts,” Bigga$tate has already become. His music has been featured on countless radio stations and he continues to keep the attention of the media, featuring on BBC, Fox News, NBC, Bravo, and BET.  There is no slowing down for Bigga$tate, as his accomplishments range far longer than just three years in the game.



    Cashhhh is on her way to being one of the hottest females from New Orleans!


    New Orleans has turned out a number of boundary-pushing rappers who have influenced a number of different styles in the industry. Cashhhh is following in that path, creating her own lane and she is not coming to play. Men have dominated the success from rap out of New Orleans but between Cashhhh’s signing and rapping, she is making her way to becoming one of the hottest female rappers from NOLA. I had the chance to catch up with Cashhhh to talk to her about her journey thus far.

    When did you start your journey with music and how have you evolved as an artist since then?

    I started my journey on like summer 2017. Since then, I can say that my fan base has grown and with the help of my team: Ben, and TJ, and others, I feel like that’s what’s helping me grow and get better. I can honestly say, I started off rapping, I started off just playing around. But then, I found it was an outlet for me. I started to perfect it more and it changed me as a person and motivated me to being a better parent and a better person. So, it changed my music and the way that I look at it now. Now I’m doing it for a reason. Before I was just doing it just to play around with, just because I had the buzz and people was listening, but it’s like now, it’s deeper than just, Rap. I mean… Now it’s like I’m trying to pay for school and make it, give my baby a different life than I had.

    How has the culture of New Orleans music influenced the artist that you are now?

    I can honestly say that New Orleans culture is forcing me to be different as far as my own sound, because our culture is based off bounce music, and I never was, like, I wouldn’t say like a fan of it, of course, if I’m out in the club, getting on a plane, I’m a listen to it and I dance to it, but on my own time, it was never something that I just tried to listen to. Our city is a whole lot of that, and I never was into that. So it always encouraged me to do and make different music for my culture. So it really helped me create and find my own sound.

    As a female artist coming up in the industry, what are some of the challenges that you have faced so far?

    Basically, being put against other females, I wouldn’t say compared, because everybody or most people are different. But it’s like people always try to put us up against each other to make us compete with each other. That’s one thing that’s challenging for me because I don’t want like, I be in my own lane, so I don’t really look at someone as competition, it’s not a competition for me. If it is it’s like I’m competing against my own self. But in the industry, you always being put against people like, for instance, the other day, me and my friend did a song together and they tried to make us compete, like try to put us against each other to see who was better on the song. I don’t like that. I feel like that’s just, no matter how far you get, or how big you get, or how little, that’s just one of the biggest problems that we have.

    What artists currently inspire you, and who is your goal to work with?

    I really like two male artists. Lil Baby and DaBaby, I really like them, and they inspire me because when they came out poppin’ they started off just like me, local and then slowly branching off and people catching on to them. So they’re really two of the people that I really paid attention to in the game, and they really inspired me to keep going, ’cause I know, if that happened for them, it could happen for me and I really like their music. So they really two artists that, when I get bigger, I would like to work with.

    What is the story behind your single, What’s Love?

    My music is all based off true feelings and emotions that I experienced or went through, and that’s all… I think music is my outlet, so when I was going through, you know, my ups and my downs with my guy, it was just a song that I made, going through our problems. You know, it’s just helping me get over it, so that’s basically the story behind it.

    Cashhhh has been hard at work applying all the pressure she can to make it to the top. She has recently released a new track, “Let It Burn,” and it has been going up since its release, hitting 13K streams in just 24 hours. The track features the best of both worlds with singing and rapping and Cashhhh killed the music video.


    Va Beach artist Will Jung delivering elite bars for anyone listening!


    Virginia Beach artist, Will Jung, is using the power of lyricism to do more than stand-out. Will Jung, has been delivering bars and catchy tracks for some years now and it wasn’t until about 2009 when Will started taking music seriously. He began writing, recording, and perfecting his craft and as a member of RVA Rap Elite, his delivery keeps getting better! Virginia has gifted a number of artists to the music industry including Pusha T, Missy Elliot, and Chris Brown which has left a sharply paved path for Will to follow. Timbaland has served as a source of inspiration as well, serving as his favorite producer. These groundbreaking artists have more than inspired Will, who now teaches after receiving his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. Not only does Will provide essential education to children, but he also creates music filled with mind-bending metaphors to keep his listeners intrigued, just like his students. His talent brought him opening spots for Rick Ross and Busta Rhymes in 2017 and with this new decade ahead, I had the pleasure of talking to Will about his journey and 2019 debut album, Pronounced Young.

    Being from Virginia Beach, a place carrying names like Pharrell, Timbaland, and Missy Elliot, what are some of their qualities that have inspired you as an artist?

    “Just going left. As simple as that sounds, I’ve never heard a Missy Elliot record or Pharrell or a Timbaland record, that sounds “normal.” Every time you hear them, it’s a genre-bending type of music. You can’t really classify it or put it into one box. That’s what I try to take away from them every-time I do a record, it’s that I don’t want to be boxed in. If I want to do a pop record one day, I’ll do that, if I feel like rapping one day, I’ll do that, and just try to make it as appealing as possible while still remaining being an individual and being different.”

    What went into the process of your debut album Pronounced Young and what was your message to listeners?

    It was a culmination of just a lot of time. 2010, I’m telling people that I do music and stuff like that, and I really… I built a relationship with my engineer, one of my producer’s T-Rifik. He mixed and mastered that entire album, and produced I wanna say four beats on it. He was the one that really got me into melodies, harmonies, attempting to sing on records, and just trying different things with the music, and that takes a lot of time. With that, I was never really super confident in releasing music. I have a song on there from 2013, believe it or not. ‘Gymnasium’ is the oldest song up there. Ever since then, those 10 songs, the most recently recorded one was ‘The Past’ and that was recorded summer or fall 2018, one or the other. So it’s just time, and it was just more so, okay, I need to get a body of work out. I wanted to showcase as much as my skill as possible. So, while it’s a short project, it does cover the rapping from the beginning and then there’s a shift around track three, after “Know Me,” then to the more thought-provoking: “The Past” and “Disconnect,” and songs like that. So, just the message is just like, you know, just getting the music out. Just showing people that I can do whatever I need to do to make a good record.

    How did you get involved with RVA Rap Elite and what has the community done for you as an artist?

    “Man, I actually just call him my big brother Intalek, He was participating in the Lyricist Lounge when they were called Lyricist Lounge. This was 2018, and he pretty much put it out there, like, ‘Yo, go up there and rap. There’s nothing like getting on that stage.’ I was dismissive of it for a moment because, not that I wasn’t confident in my ability, but I was just kinda like, ‘I don’t feel like rap rapping. I just want to make music.’ I’m listening to this music and I forget that essence. The reason why I do this rapping, it’s putting words together. I got a talent like everybody else. So why not showcase that on a stage? I went up there, the season finale of their first season of The Lyricist Lounge. At the time, I hadn’t performed in over six months, so what a terrible way to jump back in a stage in that format. I go up there, and I choke. I stumbled through a verse and had to start over. I ended up finishing the verse, but the delivery was terrible. I actually made it to the sudden-death round with like six other MCs, and I wasn’t aware that there’d be a sudden death round. So it comes and I’m like the second name called, and I’m like, ‘Oh my god.’ I have nothing in my register. So, I got to a verse that I could remember and I remembered maybe eight bars of it and I choked again and I was just like, Hey, I appreciate you, so that lit a fire in me. I started writing more verses and was just being ready. July 2019 is when I came back and ever since then, every month. Now I finish maybe second or third every time and the only person that I lose to is my brother Basic.

    As far as what it’s done for me is just, there’s a different type of energy man, when you’re rapping. When you’re just rapping, and barring, barring people up, and getting those oohs and ahs, or getting the screw face, or even if somebody don’t like your bars, even that energy is good to see. It’s just made me appreciate real rap. It’s made me appreciate the essence of what we all do this for, and they’re a very, they’re really a very supportive group of people, man. I really appreciate all those guys, man, Radio, Spielberg, and Nicholas, and all those guys, my man West. Everybody really is a supportive group of people, man. They just love rap. It’s a group of people that love rap and I love that.”

    On a mission of turning dreams into reality, Will is constantly creating new music to push him even further. Jung has released some new singles this year to include a bar-pack track titled “RapElite” featuring his close friend B.A.S.I.C. and “Missile,” both cover the melodic and cold-cut lyrical aspects of hip-hop and are must adds to a playlist.

    DMV artist J-Real creating dope music and Future Millionaires too!


    Virginia made entrepreneur and hip-hop artist J-Real has been nothing but busy building an empire that would bring his followers up with him.  His father raised him on soul music from the ’70s and ’80s, which enticed J-Real into “listening to the emotions behind certain records that played in [his] household.” At the age of 14, a love for music evolved into an obsession. He indulged in any material he could to increase his knowledge on music and its production. J-Real began taking music seriously around 19, which then led to the creation of The Future Millionaires Company. was created as a hub for creativity and outreach beyond music. This expanded into the development of the Dream in Numbers Program, an interactive seminar hosted by on college campuses. J-Real partners with Mason Taylor, producer with credits for “On My Block,” and the “Top Boy” soundtrack, and a few very accomplished others to give students a hands-on opportunity to dive into certain aspects of the ever-changing music industry. I had the pleasure of catching up with J-Real to talk to him about the release of his single “Frankie’s Story,” and The Future Millionaires Company.

    What was the process like in starting The Future Millionaires Company? also known as The Future Millionaires Company was a way for me to create a shell company that broadcasts to more people that were not just music based. It was a way for me to sell clothing, do seminars, mentor the youth, donate to charity, and so many other things not just attached to the music industry., pronounced the fm dot co, is the top company which has many parts/layers under it, such as music production, videography, eCommerce, & much more.

    What inspired the Dream in Numbers program and what message do you bring with you to the seminars?

    The “Dream in Numbers Program” is a very hands-on college seminar that shows and explains how to navigate life while in college then transitioning into what you want to do with your life after school. The basis of the Program is tailored for each school we go to, but it breaks down into two parts. Part 1, starts with 2 Guest speakers myself, and Mason Taylor who talk about our journey in the music industry, covering topics from music business, being an entrepreneur, making money on the internet, and navigating your life in the real world. We end part 1 of the seminar with a live construction of a Hip-Hop record in front of the audience. Part 2, of the seminar, is a high energy concert that same night, showing you everything we talked about in the daytime in a live action format. The message we bring to the seminars is very simple and not just related to people interested in the music industry. We teach it in our program and we call it, you have to L.E.A.P., Learn Every and All Possibilities.

    How have you as an artist and your brand been affected by COVID-19 and what do you plan to do when the pandemic is over?

    As an emerging artist, this pandemic has 100% affected me and my future endeavors. The team had plans to go to SXSW, Sneaker Con, and more college dates lined up. Also, music streaming is down, with people being at home more you would think more people are listening to music, they’re not. Most people listen to music to and from work, parties, and gatherings. With more people home there are not too many new music listeners. As artists, we have to get more creative to keep up with our fan base and adapt to the times.

    When the pandemic is over I plan on popping out to a lot more places and continue with this college tour focusing hard on the “Dream in Numbers” program and release a ton more music.

    As an artist where do you feel you have room to grow?

    I always have room to grow, you always feel like you can be a better musician the more you work at the craft. Right now with everything going on I feel like I need to grow the most with fan engagement. We want to do more contests and be more connected to my fan base. We recently started text campaigns and to keep fans updated on what’s happening daily.

    What aspects of “Set it Off” inspired “Frankie’s Story” and what is the working dynamic between you and Mason Taylor, who produced the track?

    Money Montage and Mason Taylor both produced Frankie’s Story together. They are the most frequent producers I work with. The idea from Frankie’s Story came from the sample in the instrumental, the main sound in the beat is from the movie “Set It Off”. With the addition of the movie clips at the beginning and end of the song, I took the angle of telling a story of a person who wanted more in life and were frustrated with their current situation. After hearing the lyrics to the song Mason said it sounded like you’re telling a deeper perspective of Frankie, one of the characters in the movie. Blended with events in my life relating to Frankie, we came up with the name “Frankie’s Story.”

    Who inspires you, and do you have an artist that is your goal to work with?

    I draw inspiration from many things such as movies, sports, people, and music. My top musical inspirations would be Kanye West & Wiz Khalifa. They are very different artists but they provide a heavy influence on my artistry. The way they approach the craft of their music and the way they always want to remain unique and stand out from other artists. I like people who want to push the boundaries and the culture forward. I love the way the artists are sounding from my home area, the DMV right now. But I would like to work with Goldlink, IDK, and Shordie Shordie. I really only want to work with DMV artists at the moment.

    J-Real as brought The Dream in Numbers Program  to colleges like James Madison University and positively influenced a number of students. As a rising artist, J-Real’s smooth R&B rap style can be found in a number of his tracks. The artist recently released a dope, laid-back new visual for his track D.N.D, and is definitely and artist you want on your playlist.

    [R.Lyn] Killed The Independent Artist Showcase, Is she the next Superstar?


    Rebecca Lynne aka “R. Lyn” is not afraid.  The Boston born R&B singer and songwriter reflects on her life and everything in between through her music.  It’s the honesty in her lyrics that create a sound and vibe that are undeniable.

    The Boston born R&B singer and songwriter reflects on her life and everything in between through her music.

    R.Lyn was raised by her mother, with no knowledge of her biological father. She faced several struggles throughout her life, but always turned to music for healing. Her musical influences include Aaliyah, Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Etta James, Amy Winehouse, Jhene Aiko, Kehlani and Jazmine Sullivan.  She started singing and writing her pain away.  She participated in several talent shows throughout high school and sung the national anthem all across Massachusetts, venues including local high schools, UMass Lowell, UMass Amherst, Harvard, and TD Garden.


    Rebecca was one of the few in her family to attend College and leave Massachusetts.  At age 18, she packed her bags and headed to Philadelphia to attend Temple University.  This was where she found herself on a personal and music level.  Rebecca ended up getting pregnant her senior year of college, and gave birth to her son Royal.  Royal brought music back into her life.  She sang to him every day and night, and once he got old enough, she knew she had to attempt to do music professionally.

    Beginning in the summer of 2016, Rebecca really dug into her talents.  On top of being a single mother, homeowner, and working full time as a Sr. IT Consultant in the Pharmaceutical industry, she would stay up all hours of the night writing and began recording.  After creating a buzz from the short catalog she had created in a few months, R. Lyn was chosen by Philadelphia’s AMP 96.5 Radio as one of the best local artists in Philadelphia.  Shortly after this as well, she opened for Tory Lanez, Ginuwine, Mya, Ashanti, Rick Ross, Kranium and performed twice for New York Fashion Week.  She has since released her debut album, “She’s not Afraid”, which is already making an impact with over 500k streams and resonating with all genres based on her unique voice and stories.

    The Independent Artist Showcase is Going down “July 17 2020” Online – SignUp


    The Independent Artist Showcase gives artist the opportunity to perform in front of a live audience which includes industry A&Rs from some of the best labels in NYC. Now with the current pandemic of Covid19, we have moved the showcase online and expanded the showcase worldwide. Artist still win cash prizes and get a chance to meet with real industry executives.


    çLive Online Competition / Show starts at 8PM / This showcase will be Judged by Rap of Republic Records, Fella  of TNB MusiQ, and Q-Smith of Celebrity tour manager.

    Best 3 Artist Wins: (1ST. Place) – $500 Cash & Online meeting with Republic Records / (2ND. Place) – Online A&R meeting with Columbia Records / (3RD. Place) – Online A&R meeting with DefJam Records / ALL ARTIST MUSIC WILL BE SUBMITTED TO UMG.

    July 17 Showcase

    The total registration is $200

    You make a $100 deposit to hold your slot and You pay the remaining balance of $100 on/by July 17, 2020 the night of the showcase.

    After you make your deposit send a photo to for your custom Flyer.



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    Is Relle Bey the New Hottest R&B Artist In Music Industry?


    Relle Bey was born in United States on December 14, 1991. Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter who rose to fame for his hit “Unos Dos Tres.” He’s also popular for hits “Desiigner” and “Remember.” He performed for Snoop Dogg’s son’s birthday party in 2015. He first went viral with the hit “Unos Dos Tres” via Vine in 2015.

    On CELEBS TREND NOW, He is one of the successful R & B Singer. He has ranked on the list of those famous people who were born on December 14, 1991. He is one of the Richest R & B Singer who was born in United States. He also has a position among the list of Most popular R & B Singer. Relle Bey is 1 of the famous people in our database with the age of 27 years old.

    Relle Bey releases his new video “How it Feel” off his up & coming album “THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ME & THEM”.

    Its On Now WHO READY 🤬🎤 Let’s Go @rellebey I Promise Y’all his “EP” (The Difference Between Me & Them) Going Be Brazy Remember I Told Y’all he Got that Heat 🔥 Jus Wait For His Play List (Major Features)🤦🏾‍♂️ He’s the NEW KING 👑 Of R&B For His Generation!!!!!!! #TNBFamily🎤💰 #TheDifferenceBetweenAndThem COMING SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥💰💰