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    PaidDro tops off his new project with visual for “Ok Being Sad Is Boring”

    PaidDro is an upcoming artist based in Virginia who is delivering mood-changing vibes and eye-catching visuals for his growing fan base. Born in Peru, PaidDro came to the states at a young age… he always had big dreams but it would be until 2013 that PaidDro would start experimenting with writing music. Something clicked and after the release of several singles, PaidDro decided to release his first EP titled “Universe,” in 2019. From there, fans patiently awaited more hits from PaidDro, and were gifted just one single for the year 2020 until his second EP titled “Life.” The six-track EP is fifteen minutes of harmonic trap beats, love, and heartbreak. The bilingual artist also gave his listeners a taste of his culture with the reggae track titled “KOD (Kiss of Death). The rising artist surely delivered quality tracks and topped off the project’s release with a new visual for the closer, “Ok Being Sad is Boring.” The visual, shot by Infamou$ G, released exclusively on The Clout Cloud, giving PaidDro the support from the DMV’s top Hip-Hop platform.

    When did you start writing music?

    I started writing music in my freshman year of high school, so that was like 2013. But this was just like for group chats, we were doing… We were just writing music and recording voice memos. And we were just writing for fun. And I didn’t really start to get serious with the music, and I didn’t actually start writing-writing till my senior year of high school, which was three years after that, so 2016 actually. And that’s when I first I really started writing down some real raps and stuff, and I was recording with my man, just with my two friends, two best friends, Joe and Alger. We were a part of this group called Young Sensei, and we just started recording for fun, uploading it on SoundCloud, because that’s when SoundCloud was popping like that so… That’s when we did it.

    Who are some of the artists that inspire you?

    When I first started out in music, I was always going for the bars and stuff because I was inspired by Lil Wayne, because Lil Wayne was the first musical artist that I started… He introduced me to rap, so I was really inspired by this man and his wordplay which is crazy. So every time I’d try to write some rhymes I had to go with the crazy-ass wordplay and stuff. But nowadays like I am a big Lil Uzi Vert fan. He’s taught me how to do all the melodies and stuff, he dropped “Luv Is Rage 2” and I have basically just studied that whole album and just like… I just really soaked in all the knowledge from that album, all the cadences, all the different melodies he did, the voices he did, I learned all that stuff, and that’s where I really get my inspiration from nowadays from Lil Uzi Vert.

    You were just featured on an artist from Russia’s song. How did you get plugged in with an overseas artist and what was that process like working with them?

    This kid DM’d like a while… It was like the last year, and he was like, “Yo, I have this one friend, I’m from Russia, I really fuck with your music, I have this one friend that can go really crazy with your sound,” and I was like, “Okay, send me his profile or whatever.” And he sent it to me and we just chopped it up, and then he sent it to me, like two songs, he did two songs. And the one that he put out today was one of them. He is still having another one in the vault but he just sent me them, I don’t even know what the hell he is saying, I just liked the sound of it, it sounds cool. I was like, “Yeah. I’ll get on this,” and I just got my thing on and that’s how it came about.

    You released your EP Life back in April what was the vibe you were going for with that project and how was it releasing something during the pandemic?

    Yeah, it was kind of like when it started. Because I was in there kind of when it started. But what the vibes were, were just straight heartbreak, sad, melodic music. I was just trying to go for the theme of life, about how life has its ups and downs. It’s not where no ups, you’re always going to face that downfall and it’s okay. You start off the first song, is Doomsday, you find out you get your heartbroken by this one girl and the next is just the ride up to that like that is how it just keeps going. And at the end, this last song is “Ok, Being Sad Is Boring”, and that song is basically because it symbolizes that we shouldn’t be sad for, it’s time to turn up, it’s time to enjoy life. Things happen, shit happens. It’s all a part of life. That’s what that last song was, and to be honest, that’s what all my music really sounds like. It sounds like okay, being sad is boring. I’m not really into… I didn’t want people to think I’m the low, sad artist or whatever, emotional rapper, whatever. So that’s why I put that last one in there, to remind them how I came in the game or that’s how I’m going to leave out, this super geeked-up person type of rap that I like.

    The visual for “Okay Being Sad Is Boring,” just dropped recently. Talk to me about the visual, how was the shoot and who shot it?

    That’s my boy Infamou$ G. He’s also from VA. He did the “Life” music video too. And when we shot it, the type of… because I direct my videos, I’m the one who comes with the ideas for it and all that. I just wanted to go with the vibe that… I wanted to be in a chair with handcuffs. And I wanted to have a girl behind me, and that symbolizes just breaking free out of this little sad state that I was in in the “Life” music video. So if you watch the Life music video and you watch the “OK, Being Sad” music video right after, you will see there’s a bunch of ties to each video, to both of the videos. I wanted that to be like the sequel to that video. And the video shoot was just fun. I had my friend, Megan in it and my friend Nickait, and that’s it. We just shot… We shot half of it in Northern Virginia and half of it in Richmond, and we just had fun doing it. Joe was in the video too. He was driving the car.

    What are some of your near future goals as an artist?

    The pandemic has actually helped me to be honest because I’ve just been in the studio. I’m one of those people that just live in the studio, you can ask Joe, he gets all the emails from the studio, from all the songs that get sent back. I probably got 30 songs right now just I’m releasing, ready to go. And they’re just hard. All hard hits like just… We don’t go to mess around in the studio, because of that shit… It costs money to get in the studio, so time is money. When you go in there, you already know we are not messing around and stuff.

    But as far as goals, I want to do more performances but that’s a little bit on hold off for now, but other than that, I want to just build a bigger fan base, get more people involved from all parts of the world, and everything. They just are tuned in. When we go really crazy, I just want them to be right there, seeing the journey throughout. I want them to be in-tune while I’m here, still like, not my low, but kind of in my middle, I guess. And then once we’re on the top, we can all turn up together.

    The visual is currently sitting at over 7K views, which could be explained by the eye catching angles, colors, and of course PaidDro’s vocals. As a rising artist, he is busy with more moves to make as he expands his brand and transfers his vibe to fans through his music.

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