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    Vita Plug has become Miami’s oasis for celebrity recovery!

    Miami is known for beautiful beach weather and the people. Being not only a vacation hot spot… but a hot spot for the top plastic surgeons. Women travel from all over the world for an array of different procedures… but where do they go when they cannot fly home post operation? Located in Ft. Lauderdale, Vita Plug is raising the bar for recovery homes across Florida.

    Owner and founder Andrea Alorro is a powerhouse in the realms of both beauty and business. As both the manager of her family’s salon Tease, and the VIP manager of several night clubs, Andrea that would become the beginning foundations of Vita Plug. After graduating valedictorian, Andrea became an RN and pre-op nurse cultivating an impeccable rapport with Miami’s Top Surgeons. This evolved into the booking of private post-op care, rounding out all of the skills she would need to create the most caring and luxurious recovery retreats in Florida. I had the opportunity of catching up with a client who received care from Andrea and her team, and her reputation continues to go unmatched.

    “Glam Haüs treated me like extended family. It was affordable and the staff was there for me around the clock”

    Some of the biggest names in the industry including Sukihana, Tokyo Jetz, and Alexis Skyy, are amongst the few that had their recovery experiences in the care of Vita Plug and the Glam Haüs. IV therapy, massages, prepared meals for patients, and the top nurses for post-op care…is only the beginning of what Vita Plug offers women. Stay in the beautiful condos in Brickell or the breath taking Glam Haüs it is a loving oasis filled with people ready to help women’s recovery feel like a vacation.

    “The aftercare gummies literally saved me! i was having trouble sleeping post-op but these changed everything for my recovery!”

    Vita Plug is a brand covering all aspects of beauty and care. Vita Plug is taking over, with Vita Infusions patients can receive pre-op testing and now COVID testing from the comfort of their own location. At Salon Tease all the desired med spa services can be found, and Andrea has even created CBD gummies to further assist in post op care. Andrea and her staff have made sure that there are no worries left for women pre or post op.

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